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Description:   The Web Community Wiki aims to create a base for informations, using mediawiki and the semantic mediawiki extension. The project works on templates for the wiki and on skins and extensions to enhance the useability of the Web Community Wiki.

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Mobile Web 3.0 Upload, Download and Share mobile content on the Mobile Web 3.0 with other mobile users. Simply backup or transfer all your mobile files to Mobile Web 3.0 and share it everywhere! Enables people to instantly connect & reach (Platform independent) Mobile phone users globally to ...

Wiki on a Stick in italiano Questo progetto ha l'obbiettivo di tradurre Wiki on a Stick in italiano *Cercasi aiutanti per tradurre questo software! Contattatemi all'e-mail <michele.bucca@gmail.com>* A? Serverless cioA? non ha bisogno di essere installato su un server webil software A? un file HTML che si modifica da soloessendo un ...

web2.0 community/group web site A web 2.0 community web site, which can be deployed on any web hosting servers. This includes a web messenger and an blogging platform.

wiki to man This project provide scripts for automatically generating man pages from wiki web based sources. So it consists with scripts which download wiki source files from wiki web server, convert it from wiki to roff format end then make archive of man pages.

Cobricks (Community Bricks) Cobricks is a Java-based modular Community Support system that is based on the Tomcat application server. The functionality is available both via Web-Pages (Velocity templates, JSP and Java Servlets) and as Web-Services (Axis).

Community Mobile Channels Community Mobile Channels is a project which rethinks content sharing and publishing from a totally community oriented and mobile perspective. It can be used configured as a personal blog or a large community site or a wiki and its all just mobile Upload content from ...

Community-driven Dynamic Site Management Allows a site developer to host a community of users who determine the site's content. Users signup, submit web links, and vote on their favorites. Other functions include comments, email to friends, problem reporting, and admin options & customization.

GoFans Client The "GoFans Client" is a Javascript project of the web community GoFans. It handles games of the board game Go (AKA: Igo, Baduk, Wei Qi). This local running version uses the language which is used by your browser (de, en, eo, es, et, ja, ro, ...

JankeeDoodle This is another JAVA based web community application. The purpose of this application is to allow a small and closed community of people, to share contact information, communicate on a web-based way.

SIPphone Client for Windows Develop a voice over IP enabled application with the SIPphone toolkit. This toolkit has been developed to allow the web community to build and develop innovative applications with the SIPphone toolkit. The SIPphone toolkit makes use of the Microsoft Win

Web Comic Viewer Web Comic Viewer, configuravel por XML que permite visualizar vrias strips diarias de vrios comics na web.

Web Component Toolkit Web Component Tookit is a library for CGI programming in java that mimics the Swing library API whenever possible.Instead of using the Servlet API directly the developers are presented with a programming model that is similar to AWT and Swing

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XeroCMS XeroCMS (old name ProjectXERO or pX) is a fully (100%) modular, stable, secure, fast and free content managment system. It uses a user friendly and simple graphical administration panel to manage all contents.

Pygtkmvc This is an implementation of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) and the Observer patterns for the PyGTK2 graphic toolkit. See the project Homepage for further information.

ArchVDR ArchVDR is a project which aims to convert an ARCH Linux installation to a full featured VDR ( Video Disk Recorder ).

MAPLAT MAPLAT is a Perl HTTP Framework with its own webserver included. The projects goal is to provide administrators and software developers with a set of tools to help them "webify" common tasks simple and fast. The framework is highly...

OpenQReg OpenQReg is a platform for building web based quality register solutions to be used primary for medical and health care applications. The provided platform makes use of and builds upon well known technologies such as Java, Tomcat and MySQL.

Acadevia Learn Acadevia Learn assists students in maximizing efficiency in their studies. Features the ability to create flash cards, track grades, calculate readings, schedule and be reminded of upcoming assignments and exams on a powerful calendar, and manage...

FPC Valkyrie OS-Portable FreePascal roguelike development library. Designed to speed-up roguelike development in FP. Originally created for the DoomRL project. ASCII, OpenGL and SDL console output dungeon generation algorithms line of sight algorithms...

otemba Otemba is a BSD licensed and provides a value added service on top of the Amazon SimpleDB. Please check the wiki for the project details: http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/otemba/wiki/WikiStart

MobileBackup J2ME App J2ME Java application (midlet) for backing-up and restoring/importing contacts, calendar events and TODOs to/from a text file using the vCard/vCalendar standard on mobile phones supporting the optional FileConnection and PIM APIs (JSR 75). Backup...

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